An ode to tumblr, my true love

Two years ago, I had no idea what tumblr was. My first introduction to this site happened because I was in charge of the online publicity for our BFA Senior Thesis show - it’s still online. Even then, I hardly understood what it was; we didn’t follow anyone and basically used the blog as a hosting site for our artwork. 

I graduated, and over the summer my mind was occupied with the idea of blogging.  I did some research about tumblr to find out what it was all about (I still don’t get it), and came to the conclusion that if I was interested in blogging at all, having a community like that behind tumblr was going to be my best bet at getting my message into the world.  When I decided to launch my own tumblr (formerly UMZoology, now TheBrainScoop), it was immediately well-received, and I had a few hundred followers within the first month. 

My tumblr grew, was featured in the Museum tag, gained popularity.  My tumblr helped me get into graduate school, as it demonstrated a knowledge of social media and community-building.  My tumblr and its audience got Hank’s attention when he first visited our museum, and my tumblr remains what I believe to be my fundamental foothold in the Internet community.  I’ve grown intensely fond of it.  I firmly believe that I owe everything that has come of my life through museum work to tumblr.  That sounds an awful lot like a kind of cult mentality, but if two years ago I hadn’t decided to start blogging about my museum work, none of this would have come to fruition as it did.  

If Yahoo buys tumblr and everything changes for the worse, I will definitely be disappointed.  I’m aware all good things come to an end, but this site has given me so many opportunities beyond my wildest dreams that I can’t even imagine robbing other people of those possibilities - that is, if they choose to pursue a tumblr outside of the Supernatural/Dr. Who/Sherlock fandoms, at least.  Regardless, something else will inevitably crop up and take its place.  If that’s the case, I’m just happy I was given a chance to create my own little niche in our happy online community.  

<3 You, tumblr.